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Letter of complaint

6 June, 2004

Dear counsel,

my name is Mr Martindale and I have been living in this town for over 40 years.

I just heard yesterday that you decided to granted to built a nuclear fuel processing plant in our town. To be honest: I am really shocked about this! Why did hardly anyone know of this plan? Why were the citizens of our town not asked about their opinion?

I am really concerned that the nuclear fuel processing plant will have a lot of negative effect to our town. Have you thought about all the pollution and waste it will create in our town? There is a chance our town will end like Tschernobil and people would have to live in fear all day. The quality of living would suffer enormously!

I hope you will think about your decision! Otherwise you will loose the support of most people living here and you will not be elected again.

Best wishes,

Mr. Martindale

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